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About Us

The Uruguayan Tannat grape as well as the traditional European grape varieties produced in Uruguay are bursting onto the world scene and receiving worldwide praise.  We are very proud to be able to bring the best undiscovered wines from Uruguay to you.  Uruguayan wines are now in transport and we expect receipt in early April, 2007.

  Soon will bring fine high altitude wines from Bolivia to the Southeastern US market.  Bolivian vinyards, of 6000 to 8000 ft above sea level but close to the equator, receive more ultraviolet sun rays and bask in warm days and cool nights to produce wines with more intense flavors.  We are negotiating with wineries, getting label approvals, and arranging shipping and delivery of our first shipments of wines from Bolivia and we expect arrival to the North and South Carolina markets in August 2007.

 Scott and Steve, the owners of True Vine imports, Inc, have taken many trips to Latin America over the last 10 years. We have had the opportunity to meet and work side by side poor indigenous people of South America and have been moved by their fortitude and their self preservation.  We have met and developed  many friendships with the people there.  We also enjoyed many of their fine wines during our trips.  Upon returning to the United States, we realized that some of the fine Bolivian and Uruguayan wine we had been enjoying was not available here.  In June of 2005 we decided to bring some of the lesser known of South America's most respected Bodegas (wine makers and cellars) to the American public.  This was the birth of True Vine Imports.  Because of our previous work with the organizations who support the poorest people in South America, we have dedicated 10% of our net profits to go back to support these groups.

In this last picture we are viewing a 100+ year old vine in Concepcion, Bolivia and tasting the wines of a Bodega we hope to represent soon.




About Us




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