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Uruguay means "River of the Painted Birds" in the language of the native Charrua Indians. There are more than 450 Species of birds in Uruguay.

Uruguay is a small country on the east coast of Latin America.  It is similar to the size of England and Wales and lies on the 34th parallel south the wine belt of the Southern Hemisphere.

It has a population of 3.3 million the majority of which are of Spanish and Italian origin, two great wine producing countries.


Montevideo is the capital and is situated on the River Plate. Uruguay is the most stable democracy in Latin America and is a very safe place to visit.


Punte Del Este is a famous tourist destination and Uruguay's answer to Monte Carlo.


The resort boasts chic restaraunts, clubs and beaches as well as sporting activities including yacht racing and polo.  Pristine beaches and miles of shores line Uruguay's east coast.


Uruguay is also home of the tannat grape which is used to make some of the finest red wines available on the market today.













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