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Bodegas y Vinedos " La Cabana" has been making fine Bolivian wines since Senor Don Julio Kohlberg Chavarria founded the company in 1963.  The Kohlberg family has also been in the forefront of changing Bolivian wine production over from the traditional Muscat de Alexandria to the more recognized grape varieties.  Kohlberg has continued to modernize its production facilities and refine its winemaking to produce some of the finest wines in all Bolivia. Below are the Kohlberg brothers, the grandsons of Don Julio who were our tour guides through their winery. 

Wines Available from Kohlberg

Linea Tierra Dorado

       REDS- Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah(shiraz), Malbec 

Linea Traditicion

     REDS- Barbera

      WHITES- Ugni Blanc,  Pinot Blanc


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