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In 1927, two italian brothers, Adelio and Amilcar Ariano, left their native land like many other immigrants. They settled down in "El Colorado", an area in the province of Canelones, Uruguay.
On their productive and rich land they decided to perpetuate the legacy of past generations, the most antique wine european tradition.

Almost 75 years after, "Ariano Hnos" is an important company in the domestic wine industry, harvesting the best varieties of grape for his own wines. Today, the third generation goes on with the family tradition. A family in which generation after generation has given the best to the earth, obtaining its best fruits.

In Ariano Hnos. settlements, the origin of the old crafty practices is added to the latest winery technology.
Thus, the traditional systems have been improved with moderns methods of producing wines of extraordinary quality.

These efforts have been achieved by a group of highly specialized technicians and laboratory technicians, who are fully dedicated to the continuous improvement of the vineyards and fundamentally of the resulting wine.

Always aiming at future markets and at good products, Ariano hnos. has put into practice a total reconversion plan. It will insure in the integration of new pure cepages of first qualities.


                  THE ARIANO FAMILY                                         DIRECTOR NELSON ARIANO                                           AN ARIANO VINEYARD

The vineyards of "Ariano Hnos." are located in Uruguay between 30º and 35º latitude, in South América, Southern Hemisphere.

The quality of wine spring forth for the grape. That is why "Ariano Hnos" winery has chosen the region "Constancia" in the province of "Paysandú" and "El Colorado" in the province of "Canelones" for its vineyards, where has 110 hectares in total, guided with espalier systems and controlled production.

In "Constancia" , it has 70 hectares of vineyards on a 110 hectares extension. They are located 15km. north of Paysandú city, the capital of the province. In this area the climate is temperate, with clearly defined seasons. It´s sunny during the day and cooler during the evening. The average annual rainfall is 1.218 mms, and the thermal index of Branas is 13.349, the helyotermic product is 3.16 x 10.6.

The conditions of the climate are very favorable for the production of top quality grapes, with excellent alcoholic graduation. The grapes ripening process ends in February, when the light is intense, there is less humidity, days are longer and the harvested grapes have a good colour and equilibrated aroma.
"Ariano Hnos." establishment has also 40 hectares of vines in the province of "Canelones", 20 kilometres north-west of the capital city, Montevideo.
In this area the climate is influenced by the Atlantic breezes, and its fruitful soils produce grapes of great quality.

Always aiming at future markets and at good products, "Ariano Hnos." has put into practice a total reconvertion plan. It will round up in the integration of new pure cepages of first qualities.
Vines were imported from France, certified virus free and the result of cloning

A formidable red wine, made 100% of a traditional Tannat of Uruguay. Deep red color, with a fruity complex nose and palate, good and velvet body. For its defined character and great body, it is an excellent wine to go with read meat, cold meats, cold meats, poultry and strong cheese.

This wine comes from Merlot grapes. Viniferous whose origin is in Bordeaux, France. It is an elegant wine, which is enhanced by its intense ruby color and its smell of soft herbs. It is ideal To accompany pasta, red meat, poultry and varied sorts of cheese. Its should be served at a temperature between 16ºC and 18ºC

This wine is the result of a family wine philosophy of more than a century combined with the most modern techniques of production. It is a great bouquet wine with an important tanic structure. It is of a bright red color and exquisite flavor. Ideal to be served with a red meat.

This wine comes from selected grapes grown in Constancia, Paysandu. The wine has an appealing-ruby red colour. A smooth, fresh, well balanced wine with a great varietal bouquet. It is an excellent choice for red and white meats, pasta and pastries. Serve at room temperature. (20º C).

It is a product which emerged from our ethnological tradition and modern technology. It is an aromatic pale yellow young wine of great varietal character. Excellent to be served with seafood and poultry. It should be server at a very cold temperature.

This wine is obtained from the blend of two wines of french origin cepages: Tannat and Cabernet Franc.
Fruity and delicious, with bright cherry, berry and strawberry character.
Shows a medium-bodied palate with fine tannins, a silky texture and a touch of vainilla flavor from the French and American oak in wich it was aged.
Elegant, fruity aftertaste.

This wine is obtained from the blend of two wines of french origin cepages: Tannat and Syrah.
It was aged 1 year in new oak barrel.
Ruby in color, with aromas of blackberry, spice and mint.
Medium-bodied, with very ripe and tender tannins.
Fruity and beautiful aftertaste.

A varietal wine, obtained from Tannat grape. Created only in the best vintages, from selected estates.
A red wine, well-structured and perfectly balanced, with an intense violaceous red colour, almost purple. It is a full bodied wine, unctuous, with the precence of well mixed tannins. The bouquet invokes flavours of small red fruits.
Matured one year in small oak barrel. It complements beef, game and aged cheeses very well.

It is a full-bodied wine, fruity, fresh, complex and elegant. It has a clean varietal character. A creamy texture with fine balancing acidity carries the wine to a ing finish. Serve as an aperitif or to accompany foods like roast duck, salad or white meat dishes.























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