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The Juanico winery is a business run entirely by the Deicas family, owners of 100% of the company shares.

The founder, Juan Carlos Deicas, like his son Fernando, daughter Mariela, and the third generation who have recently joined the business work with strength and dedication to take the business forward in the best ways possible.

These three generations share the same passion: to achieve the perfect balance between tradition and innovation in order to make the best possible wines.

Before becoming the property of the Deicas family, the Juanico winery land passed had many other owners. Notably among these was Don Francisco Juanico, who in 1830 broke with the traditional farming methods of the area and constructed an underground cellar. This enabled him to make very good quality wines because of the naturally cool environment in the cellar.
Almost one and a half centuries later in 1979 the winery passed into the hands of those who will finally open it to the doors of the world.
In 1979 there came a big change when the family headed by Juan Carlos Deicas took charge of the Juanico winery. It started with a previously unimagined new vision, plus new technology, continual investment in the business, and an enormous “change in attitude” in order to be able to face the new challenges.
1980 The Reorganization
The first step was to completely redirect the winery, devoting it to the development of fine wines and in particular to the ivation of the French noble varieties.
With the arrival in the business of Fernando Deicas, there started a study of soils and ivation never seen before in Uruguay and it was discovered that the region has the same characteristics as the Bordeaux region for the ivation of grape vines. From these findings it was decided to practice the ivation of the most famous French varieties.
Then frequent trips to Europe started, principally France and Italy, plus constant contact with consultants and experts in Australia, United States, Argentina and Chile in search of better knowledge and new technology.
1992 The birth of the first grand cru wine of Uruguay
In 1992 the Juanico winery created the first Grand Cru wine in Uruguay: Preludio, destined to compete with the famous Chateaux of France. An oak aged wine of fine pedigree blended from five individual grape varieties and selected from only the best barrels after two years of maturing in the historic underground wine cellars.
1994 The first container full of uruguayan wine for export
This first shipment to London transformed Juanico into the main winery opening the doors of the world to the wines of our country. Having conquered the English market we then started to export to France, Sweden and Germany. Today Juanico wine exports cover the five continents of the world
1996 The first gold medal for Uruguay
First was a silver and a gold medal, but in 1996 Uruguay won through the The Juanico winery the first Great Gold medal for Uruguay in the prestigious “ Bacchus de España” competition, the first accolade capable of giving pride to the whole of the Uruguayan wine business. To this day the Juanico winery continues being the Uruguayan winery with the most awards and accolades won in international competitions.
1996 The birth of Don Pascual
In tribute to Don Pascual Harriague, the French Basque who introduced the grape variety Tannat, we launched in the Uruguayan market the Don Pascual brand. So successful that it become the internal market leader in only 5 years, and is still the market leader. Also today it has the highest sales of any Uruguayan wine sold throughout the world.
1996 We create the category “Roble”
With the introduction of Don Pascual Tannat Roble, the “Roble” or oak aged category was established in our country. To this we have added a barrel fermented Chardonnay Viognier, an oak aged Cabernet Sauvignon and a Petit Verdot oak aged.
With time, other Uruguayan wineries have followed our path.
1996 Our first Late Harvest Wine  Botrytis Noble ®
1998 First South American winery to obtain the ISO 9001 standard
The Juanico winery was always obsessed with quality. For this reason we set out to be the first South American winery to obtain the demanding ISO 9001 certificate of quality, and we achieved it.
1999 The first french Joint Venture project in Uruguay

The Juanico wineries entry into the international world of wine enabled us to associate with some of the most prestigious French wineries like Chateaux Pape Clement
This partnership started in 1996 to produce in Uruguay the brand “Gran Casa Magrez”, the first Uruguayan wine for the most demanding market in the world: France. The first “Gran Casa Magrez” saw the light of day in 1999.
We have since then signed agreements with Vinson Richards in the USA and Bright Brothers in the UK and Europe.

Don Pascual Wines

Single Varietals, Blends, Oak Aged Wines, and Reserves

Tannat Merlot
The Juanico winery’s tribute to Don Pascual Harriague, who was the first to introduce the Tannat grape variety to the Uruguayan vineyards.
The very best qualities of each grape variety blend together perfectly in this classic Uruguayan red wine, achieving a delicious aroma of red fruits, and a velvety and generous body with intense colour.
Ideal to accompany red meats, charcuterie and cheeses.
A bright red coloured fresh wine, an aroma of ripe red fruits and dark plum.
On the palate it is well textured, balanced, velvety with good body and notes of coffee jam and fruit. Soft and ripe tannins round its long finish.

An intense and fresh aroma, fruity with apricot and tropical fruit notes, its great structure and delicate colour plus its prolonged finish confirm it as a top level white wine.
Unbeatable as an aperitif, or to accompany white meats, fish, shellfish, plus blue and cream cheeses.

The Juanico winery’s tribute to Don Pascual Harriague, who was the first to introduce the Tannat grape variety to the Uruguayan vineyards.
Intense colour, almost black, with violet reflections.
Aroma of ripe figs enriched with notes of ink and spices. A young Tannat with great body and concentration. Robust tannins with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.
The finish is long, complex and unique.

Cabernet Sauvignon
To make this wine the grapes are harvested by hand and macerated and fermented for more than two weeks to obtain the optimum concentration of aromas and colour.
With a deep ruby colour, intense aroma and tastes of forest fruits, chocolate and spices.
The part of this blend that is oak aged gives structure, balance and pleasing finish on the palate.

Shiraz Tannat
Shiraz is the oldest grape variety in recorded history
The marriage of the ancient grape variety with our Tannat produces a deep and complex wine that is unique in this world.
A dark red garnet colour, intense and bright.
Complex aromas, ted by the aromatic expression of the Shiraz, with notes of dark fruit (blackcurrant and plum) and violets spiced with nutmeg and liquorice. The Tannat gives structure with its smooth but powerful tannins,

The very ripest grapes are harvested and fermented at low temperatures without the use of oak barrel so as to emphasize its fresh and fruity varietal aromas.
A bright colour, almost amber, with intense notes of apricot and tropical fruits and a subtle floral note. A rich sensation that is full bodied on the palate with balanced natural acidity and a long finish.

Pinot Noir
Selected bunches of grapes from low yielding vineyard parcels and a cold pre-fermentation maceration are the keys to varietally typical Pinot Noir. The appearance is bright with tints of intense red. On the nose it reminds one of cherries and the aromas of the forest. On the palate it is rounded with intense red fruits, velvety tannins and a lasting finish.
Botrytis Noble
The refined rich wine made from grapes that have "Noble Rot" It was the first late harvest wine from Uruguay and is a wonderful dessert wine.












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